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    • Denture Packages Now Available
      Ito & Koby proudly introduces our Premium “Boomer” Denture designed for the active esthetically conscious patient. This appliance is made with the highest quality and most esthetic materials available. It is also [...]
    • Discover theStrength of e.max
      By now you’ve likely heard about IPS e.max® Lithium Disilicate crowns. More and more dental practices throughout the country are choosing e.max for their fixed restoration needs. IPS e.max may [...]
    • Interactive “NTI is Easy as 1-2-3” Video Premieres Online
      We aim to make using the NTI in your practice as easy as possible. Whether using the NTI therapeutic protocol for its diagnostic, protection, or therapeutic indications, the “NTI is Easy as 1 2 3” video series, now available on our website will serve [...]
    • What Metal Free Partial Solutions Are You Using?
      Metal-free partials are becoming increasingly popular due to their increased comfort, reduced cost, and ease of insertion. Ito & Koby has two metal free partial options that offer esthetics [...]
    • BruxZir Crowns Now Available
      Monolithic ceramics are fast becoming a popular option for posterior full coverage restorations where More Brawn than Beauty is indicated. Gold was once the only option on molar preparations with limited interocclusal space. Now milled zirconia [...]
    • Did You Know?
      The number of migraine patients nearly equals the combined population of diabetics and asthmatics in the United States. Most of these migraine patients have seen a dentist in the previous year, but are still unaware that dentistry can provide a [...]
    • Ito & Koby Introduces ClearFrame Partials
      Cast is Past. Clear is Here. ClearFrame™ partials utilize a clear, semi rigid nylon frame in place of a cast chrome framework. Rest seats provide the partial with vertical support and the semi rigid frame offers functional stability, all without [...]
    • Ito & Koby Introduces e.max®
      All Ceramic materials in the dental industry just keep improving. Innovations continue to make crowns stronger with more natural opacity. Meanwhile the manufacturing process is becoming more and more efficient allowing costs to be reduced. [...]
    • Captek™ Nano Technology Available from Ito & Koby.
      Nano technology, the process of improving material performance at the micron level, has enhanced the strength and fit of Captek™ crowns. By adding twice as many "P" particles (palladium platinum), nano engineering has increased material strength by 33%. [...]
    • New Ito & Koby Website.
      Dentists will find a new look at this month as our new website comes on line. After 10 years of service, our old site was not only ancient web technology but also in need of some major renovations. [...]