Send A Case

  • You can now send a case to the lab through our new Customer Portal. Click here.

    Please contact us for details on shipping your case to Ito & Koby Dental Studio. Depending on your location and hours you may qualify for our daily case pick-up and delivery. We can also provide shipping labels and instructions for non-local clients. Call 317-849-5143 or 800-288-6684 for more details.

    For your convenience, click the links below to print out a Prescription form and US Mail label. 

     Rx Form US Mail Label

    Scheduling Information

    Product In Lab Working Days
    Denture Set-up or Finish 3 days
    Denture Set-up & Finish 5 days
    Denture Re-set & Finish 4 days
    Flipper up to 4 teeth 4 days
    Thermo-Guard 5 days
    Partial Frame 5 days
    Partial Frame & Bite Block 6 days
    Partial Frame & Set-up 7 days
    Partial Frame, Set-up, Finish 9 days
    ClearFrame Partial 6 days
    Valplast Partial (Finish only) 7 days
    Valplast Partial (Set-up & Finish) 10 days
    Hard Relines, Acrylic & Tooth Repairs 1 day
    Metal Repairs 3 days
    Soft Relines, Rebase, Custom Trays/Bite Blocks  2 days
    Full Cast Crowns & Bridges 4 days
    PFMs, Captek, Empress, e.max, Ceramage, Sirona, Lava Crowns & Bridges 6 days
    BruxZir Crowns 8 days
    Procera Crowns 10 days
    NTI-tss Plus 7 days
    Orthodontic Services 6 days
    Implant Services Please call

    Please add 2 days for local routes and FedEx and UPS Service.

    There will be an extra fee for Same Day Services.