• Why Captek?

    The secret to the success of Captek™ is the advanced “Capillary Casting Technology” used to produce the gold coping for Captek crowns and bridges. The unique composite metal is 88% gold reinforced with small particles of high fusing and high strength platinum and palladium, resulting in a restoration with the vital and natural look of gold, the superior strength and durability of platinum and palladium and the extra benefit of reducing harmful bacteria around the gums.

    Nano Technology

    We now use Captek Nano for all Captek restorations we fabricate. Originally developed for the increased strength needed for bridge and implant applications, we have found that Captek Nano’s higher thermal stability makes it posssible to consistently create tighter margins with greater accuracy. 

    Health — Unique to Captek

    • The advanced gold coping material is proven to reduce the accumulation of harmful bacteria at the gum line by 90% compared to natural tooth structure.*


    • The infusion of platinum and palladium into the gold produces an extremely dense and strong coping.


    • Captek gold does not oxidize, eliminating the black or gray margins of traditional PFMs.
    • The warm gold color of Captek understructure provides natural light dispersion

    Precise Internal Fit

    • Reduces chair time.

    * Goodson M, Shoher I, Imber S, Som S. Captek™ alloy reduces dental plaque accumulation. Journal of Dental Research 1999, 78 (special issue):138