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  • A recent survey of dentists revealed an awful truth about dental labs. The “average” dentist in the United States uses 4+ dental laboratories to meet their needs. Posterior crowns go here… anterior crowns go there…. veneers and implants go elsewhere.

    Why? Is it because the average dentist finds better value for different cases in different places?

    At Ito & Koby we don’t consider ourselves to be an average lab working for average dentists. We don’t accept the premise that dentists have to use multiple labs for different cases. Our Mission Statement in 2012 is the same as last year, and the same as it has been since my first day as laboratory president of Ito & Koby: One Source/Right the First Time.

    What does that mean to you?

    One Source: means that we can provide solutions for you regardless of the case. From implant consultations and parts to Valplast partials and NTI’s, Ito Koby either makes it, or gets it for you from someone who does.

    Right the First Time: So what if we have a 100% satisfaction guarantee? Lots of labs have that. But you already know that “free” the second time around doesn’t begin to make up for lost chair time and patient dissatisfaction. Last year our Made Right percentage was 99% for removable and 98% for fixed. Simply put, 98 of 100 cases we deliver to dentists, they deliver to patients. Would that kind of Right the First Time consistency make your schedule run smoother and deliver more to your bottom line?

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